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Our Services

J.I.T of Production Consumables

WDS tailors our inventory to match your needs for Just-in-Time supply.  We manage raw material, imported part, and production consumable inventories and deliver...

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Custom Parts Kitting and Line Sequencing Solutions

WDS kitting solutions help streamline your assembly process.  We inventory the supplies and kit them for your point of use consumption.

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MRO Supplies

WDS helps manage you MRO supply needs by focusing on your planned purchases as well as the unique items that come up without warning.

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Customized Value Added 3PL

When space is a concern, look for WDS to help by utilizing our facilities to inventory items that have high minimum order quantities or are space hogs.

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Light Assembly and Manufacturing

WDS can assist with labor shortages and space concerns by taking over your small assembly projects.

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Vending and Onsite Crib Management

Maintaining inventories strategically and close to their “point of use” can take cost out of your production process in a variety of ways.

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